Zach Ruble - Coach/Owner - Fort Wayne, IN

 B.S. Kinesiology, Former Professional Triathlete, USAT Certified Coach


Coaching and Racing Background

  • 15 years coaching to 750+ triathlon finishes including 100+ IM distance finishes and 9 Kona qualifications
  • 22 years racing with 120+ triathlon finishes including 20+ iron distance and 50+ half iron finishes
  • 3 x IM distance winner, 14 x top 10 IM distance finishes, multiple 8:34 IM finishes, and IM Kona qualifier
  • 6 x 70.3 distance winner, 3:58 70.3 distance pr, and 70.3 World Champs qualifier



Your results are my results. If you go fast, then you're happy, you keep me as your coach, and you're more likely to refer me to others. I consistently keep my clients healthy and produce PR's year after year. If you want to see how we're doing, check the recent news section on the home page and the coaching results page.


Your training plan will never look exactly like a program for someone else I train.  Everyone has different life stress and work/travel comitments that need to be considered.  The personality, goals, amount of time you have to devote to training, training/racing history, and injury history are a few more of the factors that have to be considered in each persons training plan.


Zach has been a triathlete for 19 years and a coach for 11 years.  I've learned through both formal education but also through a massive amount of experience and continued self education.  I've trained with some of the best coaches and triathletes in the world a carry those experiences with me.  I continue to race and try to learn more everyday.