Race Results

May 13th, 2018: At Ironman Santa Rosa - Sara Randolph was 3rd in the 40-44 AG within a few seconds of  PR in 10:44:30.   Nate Winslow also had a solid race in 12:10:30 for 36th in the 50-54 AG.


May 12th, 2018: Ben Stone set a 19' PR in 2:04:54 for 2nd overall at the Thunder in the Valley Olympic Triathlon in Terre Haute, IN. 


May 12th, 2018: Davon Geiger set a 3' PR in 2:18:21 for 4th overall at the Muncie May Olympic Triathlon.  John Borman went 2:40:31 for 3rd in the 50-54 AG, Kyle Tolliver went 2:46:22 for 6th in the 45-49, and Jon Bomberger went 2:53:41 for 4th in the 55-59.


May 12th, 2018: Ryan Koepke was 4th overall in the Muncie May Sprint Triathlon in 1:05:30.


May 6th, 2018: Congrats at the Broad Street 10 Miler to Deb Daley for 15th of over 1000 entries in the 50-54 in 1:16:57.


May 5th, 2018: Congrats at the Indy Mini to Tim Fry on a PR in 2:07:55 one week after racing the Kentucky Derby Half.  Jason McDaniels went 1:31:11 for 32 in the 40-44AG and Ryan O'Shaugnessy went 1:34:46 for 67 in the 20-24AG.


May 5th, 2018: Congrats at the Wisconsin Marathon to Dave Martin finishing in 3:23:04 for 4th in the 45-49 AG.   JoAnne Peterman raced the Half Marathon in 2:23:38 for 21st in the 50-54 AG.


April 28th, 2018: Congrats at the BSU Spring Sprint Triathlon to Davon Geiger for 2nd place overall in 50:10.


 April 28th, 2018: Congrats Ryan Perkins on the overall win at the Glacial Esker 20 Trail Run at Chain O'Lakes State Park in 2:41:39.


April 28th, 2018: Congrats at the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon to Kyle Tolliver for a PR run in 1:40:40 for 31st in the 45-49 AG and to Tim Fry in 2:09:10 for cutting 7' off his best half marathon result from 2017 and within 1' of a lifetime PR.


April 28th, 2018: Congrats at Ironman Texas to Monte Hitchcock for 6th in the 65-69 AG in 12:50:01 and to Gary Thomas for 238th in the 40-44 in 13:22:27.


April 28th, 2018: Congrats Kevin Davis on 23rd overall at the Coopers Rock Trail Half Marathon with 2000 feet of climbing in 2:17:26.


April 22nd, 2018: Congrats to John Bormann on a 5' PR at the Glass City Half Marathon in 1:39:56 for 13th in the 50-54 AG.


April 22nd, 2018: Congrats at the Tusk Sprint Triathlon to Ben Stone on winning the race overall in 1:00:58.


April 22nd, 2018: Congrats at the Carmel Sprint Triathlon to Ryan O'Shaughnessy for 9th OA in 56:16, his fastest time here - and to Ryan Koepke on his first triathlon race after injury in late 2017 for 22nd overall in 59:29.


April 22nd, 2018: Congrats Deb Daley at the Florida Half Triathlon for winning the Overall Masters race in 4:39:00 (no swim due to rough water). 


April 8th, 2018: Congrats at the Haines City 70.3 to Deb Daley for 2nd in the 50-54 AG in 5:19:13;  Jason Eagleston for 18th in the 35-39 AG in 4:47:22; and to Jason Tucker for 31st in the 35-39 AG in 5:00:05.


April 7th, 2018: Congrats Sara Randolph on 5:04:49 at the Oceanside 70.3 for 3rd in the 40-44 AG - her time was 21 minutes better than her 2017 result here.  Congrats Josh Rexing raced his first 70.3 since 2016 and was 5:47:30 for 124th in the 45-49 AG.


April 7th, 2018: Congrats Dave Martin on 1:33:05 for 3rd in the 50-54 AG at the South Shore Half Marathon cutting over 4' off his November 2017 half marathon result.


April 1st, 2018: Davon Geiger had a solid half marathon result at the Carmel Half Marathon taking 4th in the 20-24 AG in 1:22:08.


April, 1st 2018: Nick Blaser and Erin Freel raced the HITS Ocala Olympic Triathlon yesterday.   Nick set a 9' PR in 2:34:07 for 2nd in the 45-49 AG and Erin took 2nd in the 45-49 in 3:16:28.


March, 25th 2018: Congrats to Ryan Koepke for 4th overall/1st 30-34 AG and over a 1' PR off his 2017 result at the Nutri Run 5 miler in 34:41.


March, 25th 2018: Congrats to Jason Eagleston for 11th overall/2nd 30-34 AG and a 34" PR in 38:56 at the Run for the House 10k in Okemos Michigan.


March, 17th 2018: Congrats to Erin Freel and Nick Blaser on some nice PR's at the Florida Intimidator Half Iron distance triathlon in Clermont, Florida.   Nick had a 16' PR in 5:35:36 for 7th in the 45-49 and Erin set a 10' PR finishing in 6:45;20 for 12th in the 45-49


March, 17th 2018: Congrats Deb Daley on another solid half marathon finish in 1:43:08 at the Chicago Get Lucky Half Marathon to take the win in the 50-59 AG and 15th of 187 total female finishers


March, 10 2018: Congrats to John Van Alsburg on 4th in the 45-49 AG in 21:39 at the Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5k in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


February 16th, 2018: Check out the only triathlon series in Fort Wayne, Indiana.   www.fwtriseries.com   Registration is now open!


January 14th, 2018: Congrats to Deb Daley on a 1:42:16 finish at the Fort Pierce Half Marathon to win the Masters division and cut near 5' off her best half in 2017.


January 13th, 2018: Congrats to Erin Freel(23:32) and Nick Blaser(20:16) on their overall masters wins at the Horse Country 5k.


January 7th, 2018: Congrats Nate Winslow going 3:52:59 for 55th in the 50-54 age group and the Disney Marathon.


December 31st, 2017: Check out a summary of our 2017 results below!


*Ironman Distance - 8 personal best times, 9 top ten age group finishes, 4 additional first time finishers


*70.3 Distance - 8 personal best times, 14 top ten age group finishes


*Olympic Distance - 6 personal best times, 12 top ten age group finishes


*Road Racing - 3 personal bests across marathon and half marathon, 9 top ten age group finishes


*Overall - 6 overall race wins


December 30th, 2017: Congrats to Ryan Perkins on his HUFF 50K trail finish in 5:54:46 for 2nd in the 35-39 and 26th overall.   There was single digit high temps and lots of snow on the trails


Davon Geiger was 1st overall in the 11 mile race in 1:34:35, Jason McDaniels 19th in 1:51:54, and Joe Hysong 52nd in 2:08:48.  


December 10th, 2017: Nate Winslow went 1:41:41 for 11th of 56 in the 50-54 age group at the Scottsdale Arizona Half Marathon.


December 9th, 2017: Jason Tucker was 6th overalL at the Fire and Ice 5k in 19:36 and Gary Thomas was 18th in 24:09.


November 23rd, 2017: Congrats everyone on starting Thanksgiving off right burning some calories - a few results below:


*Gobbler 4 miler - Joe Hysong - 33:38, Ryan Perkins - 26:39, Ryan Koepke - 30:09, Dirk Pauley - 29:33

*PathFinder 5k - Davon Geiger 11th Overall - 17:50

*Lansing Turkey Trot 5k - Krystina Stadler 5th 30-34 ag - 21:34

*Fountain Hills Turkey Trot 5k - Nate Winslow 6th 50-54 AG - 22:24

*Palm CIty Turkey Trot 5k - Deb Dailey 1st 45-49 - 22:50

*Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5k - Cindy Erickson 14th 60-64 - 35:08


November 19th, 2017: Sara Randolph went 10:43:27 to set a 4' PR at Ironman Arizona and place 4th in the 40-44 AG.


November 12th, 2017: David Martin went 1:37:38 for 31st in the 45-59 at the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon


November 12th, 2017: Deb Daley was 6th in the 45-49 at the Miami Man Half Iron in 5:35:39.


November 4th, 2017: At Ironman Florida John Borman went 12:02:53 for 54th in the 50-54 AG.


November 4th, 2017: At the Monumental Marathon Ryan Perkins went 3:10:48 for 80th in the 35-39 AG .   Jaime Becker cut 9' off her most recent half marathon in 2:36:19 for 419 in the 40-44 AG.


November 4th, 2017:   Joe Hysong went 2:47:51 at the Iceman Cometh Bike Challenge for 58th in the Mens 55 division


October 29th, 2017: Deb Daley went 1:46:52 at the Halloween Half Marathon for 3rd overall female of 195 females and 1st in the 45-49 AG.


October 28th, 2017: Joanne Peterman set a 30" PR in 28:43 at the Spooktacular 5k for 1st in the 50-54.


October 22nd, 2017: Kevin Davis set a 10' PR in 5:43:26 at the Miami 70.3 for 118th in the 35-39 AG.


October 15th, 2017: At Ironman Louisville we had 4 PR's and a 1st time finish:

*Jason Eagleston - 37' PR in 10:00:06 for 13th in the 30-34 AG

*Jason Tucker - 30' PR in 10:34:29 for 42nd in the 35-39 AG

*Krystina Stadler - 13' PR in 11:15:35 for 10th in the 30-34 AG

*Ryan Perkins - 30' PR in 11:45:11 for 97th in the 35-39 AG

*Davon Geiger - 1st Ironman in 10:35:48 for 6th in the 18-24 AG

*Monte Hitchcock - fastest since 2012 in 11:47:24 for 2nd 65-69 AG 

*Gary Thomas - day of fighting mechanical's for 15:00:58


October 7th, 2017: Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben: Ryan Koepke went 1:42:19 for 25th in the 30-34; Joe Hysong was 2:00:49 for 29th in the 45-49; Jaime Becker was 86th in the 40-44 in 2:45:32.


September 24th, 2017: Ironman Chattanooga - Dirk Pauley was 9th in the 45-49 AG in 10:18:50.  Debra Daley was 10th in the 45-49 AG in 12:18:02.  Joanne Peterman finished her first Ironman  for 84th 50-54 in 16:02:57.


September 16th, 2017: Josh Rexing was 3rd overall at the Twilight Half Marathon 1:40:33.


September 16th, 2017: Caesar Dejesus was 33rd in the 55-59 AG at the Rev3 Niagra Half Ironman in 6:40:10


September 16th, 2017: Joe Hysong was 8th in the 55-59 AG at the Duxbury Sprint Triathlon in 1:17:34


September 1oth, 2017: Sara Randolph was 4th in the 40-44 AG in 4:44:45 at the Santa Cruz 70.3.  A PR potential day but they had to cut the swim short there.


September 1oth, 2017: Monte Hitchcock was 22nd in the world in the 65-69 AG at the 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga.  Bentley Walker also took 174th in the 35-39 AG.


September 1oth, 2017:  John VanAlsburg went 12:59:46 for 93rd in the 45-49 AG at Ironman Wisconsin.


September 3rd, 2017: John Bormann set a 6.5' PR in 2:21:27 for 5th in the 50-54 at the Des Moines Escape Olympic Triathlon


August 27th, 2017: Congrats John Bormann on a 7' Olympic Distance PR (2:28:15) and 5th of 142 in the 50-54 at the Chicago Olympic Triathlon.


August 20th, 2017: Congrats Joe Hysong and Nate Winslow on Ironman finishes in Canada and Denmark today.    Joe was 13:02:33 at Ironman Copenhagen for 72nd in the 55-59.  Nate Winslow was 12:45:52 at Ironman Mont-Tremblant in his 12th IM finish for 92nd in the 50-54.


August 13th, 2017: Steelhead 70.3 Results - Monte took first in the 65-69 in 5:32:26.  Joanne set a 6' PR in 7:28:23.  Davon set his 3rd straight 70.3 PR in 4:35:54 and was 4th in the 18-24.   Jason Eagleston had a PR run and was 8th in the 30-34 with a 4:37:25.  Dirk went 4:39:08 for 6th in the 45-49.   John VanAlsburg had his 2nd fastest 70.3 in 4:57:16 for 16th in the 45-49.   Jason McDaniels went 5:10:44 for 39th in the 40-44.  


August 12th, 2017: Jason Tucker was third overall at the Lake Max Sprint Triathlon in 58:35.


August 12th, 2017: Diana Schowe was first overall female at the Syracuse Sprint Triathlon in 1:14:22.


August 6th, 2017:  Debra Daley won the 45-49 age group at the Lake Logan 1/2 Iron in 5:25:13(3000+ feet of gain on the bike) and was 14th overall female.


July 30th, 2017: Davon Geiger set an 11' best at the Ohio 70.3 in 4:39:51 - for 4th in the 18-24.  Ryan Koepke set a 6' PR in 5:24:39 for 39th in the 30-34.


July 30th, 2017: Caesar DeJesus went 2:58:24 for 15th in the 55-59 at the Tri Indy Olympic.


July 29th, 2017: Jason Tucker(37:49) and Diana Schowe(44:53) were first male and female overall at the Jorgensen YMCA Super Sprint Triathlon and Jason McDaniels(44:14) was 7th overall. 


July 23rd, 2017: Krystina Stadler and Jason Eagleston finished their first official Ironman distance races in Lake Placid.  Krystina was 9th in the 30-34 in 11:28:38.  Jason was 18th in the 30-34 in 10:37:56.


July 15th, 2017: Ryan Koepke was 8th of 339 finishers at the Indy Sprint Triathlon in 58:24.


July 9th, 2017:  Joe Hysong went 6:54:02 for 39th in the 55-59 age group at the Muskoka 70.3.


July 8th, 2017:  Muncie 70.3 results - John Bormann PR'd in 5:13:07  for 22nd in the 50-54.  Ryan Perkins PR'd in 5:29:37 for 67th in the 35-39. Monte Hitchcock went 5:30:44 winning the 65-69).  Jason Tucker  went 4:45:43 for 13th in the 35-39.  Shane Slaven was 4:59:35 for 25th  in the 40-44.  Gary Thomas had a training day in 6:14:53 for 113 in the 40-44.


July 8th, 2017:  Joanne Petermann set a 16' PR at the Pewaukee Olympic Triathlon in 3:00:09 for 4th in the 50-54 age group.


June 25th, 2017:  Sara Randolph was first overall female at the California Sprint Triathlon in 1:01:12 - winning by 4 minutes.


June 24th, 2017:  Warsaw Sprint Triathlon - Diana Schowe was 2nd overall female in 1:17:59.  Davon Geiger was 4th overall in 1:04:10 winning the 20-24 AG.  Ryan Koepke was 11th overall in 1:08:08 and 2nd in the 30-34 AG.  John Bormann was 36th OA in 1:14:53 and 3rd in the 50-54 AG.


June 18th, 2017:  Krystina Stadler was first overall female at the Lumberman Olympic Triathlon in 2:31:12 and was 6th OA among all racing.


June 18th, 2017:  Heartland Triathlons - Deb Daley was 2nd OA female masters and 1st 45-49 in 2:37:05 for the Olympic Distance.  At the Sprint Kevin Davis was 4th in the 35-39 in 1:13:12.


June 18th, 2017:  Joe Hysong was 4th in the 55-59 AG at the Maumee Olympic Triathlon in 2:46:56.


June 17th, 2017:  John Van Alsburg finished the single speed division of the LumberJack 100 mile off road cycle race in 8:57:11 for 20th place.


June 11th, 2017:  Grand Rapids Half Ironman - Davon Geiger set a yuge PR in 4:50:50 for 2nd in the 20-24 AG and 19th OA; Dirk Pauley rode 9 miles off the bike course but still managed 6th in the 45-49 AG with a 5:22:50.


June 11th, 2017:  Grand Rapids Olympic - Ryan Koepke set a PR in 2:27:32 for 5th in the 30-34 AG; Bentley Walker was 4th overall and 1st 35-39 AG in 2:08:28.


June 11th, 2017:  At the Wisconsin 70.3 Jason Eagleston went 5:06:25 for 19th in the 30-34 AG and John Hart was 5:14:24 for 26th in the 40-44 AG.


June 10th, 2017:  Shane Slaven was 3rd overall at the Muncie Olympic Triathlon in 2:30:50.


May 28th, 2017:  At the Bayshore Marathon Jason Tucker set a 54' PR in 3:17:20 for 25th in the 35-39 AG and  Joe Hysong went 4:25:35 for 49th in the 55-59 AG.


May 21st, 2017:  Diana Schowe was 1:29:36 for 1st Masters and 19th OA at the Pokagon Sprint Triathlon.


May 21st, 2017:  Kevin Davis went 7:16:21 for 1st 35-39 AG and 25th OA at the Keys 100 50K run - that's a 50K starting in the afternoon, in late May, in the Florida Keys.  HOT


May 21st, 2017: At the Chattanooga 70.3  Jason McDaniels went 4:53:00 for 45th in the 40-44 AG.  Ryan Perkins was 5:23:14 for 109th in the 35-39 AG.   They had to shorten the swim to 1200 meters at this race or these would both be PR times.


May 14th, 2017: Krystina Stadler was 2nd overall female at the Power Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon in 1:`17:50.


May 14th, 2017: Sara Randolph was 5th in the 40-44 AG at the Santa Rosa 70.3 in 5:09:48.


May 14th, 2017: Debra Daley went 3:51:53 for 2nd in the 45-49 AG and earning another Boston Qualifier by 9'.


May 13th, 2017: Muncie Olympic results: Davon Geiger went 2:21:29 for 7th overall, 1st in the 20-24, and an 8' PR time.  Ryan Koepke went 2:28:08 for 16th overall.   John Bormann went 2:35:39 for 5th in the 50-54 and a 10' PR time.  Jon Bomberger was 2:54:32 for 3rd in the 55-59 AG.


May 13th, 2017: Diana Schowe went 33:12 for 5th in the 50-54 at the Pink Ribbon Run 4 miler.


May 6th, 2017:  Indy Mini Marathon results: Jason McDaniels went 1:36:44 for 628th overall of 19K finishers.   Ryan O'Shaughnessy was 1:43:44 for 1280 overall.


April 30th, 2017: Saint Anthonys results: Bentley Walker went 1:59:04 for 17th Overall.

JoAnne Peterman was 3:11:09 for 36th in the 50-54.


April 29th, 2017: John Hart  went 1:36:17 for 9th in the 40-44  and 109th of 17,000+ runners at the Nashville Half Marathon.


April 26th, 2017: Kevin Davis was 9th overall at the Duval Street Mile in 5:46.


April 22nd, 2017: Ironman Texas results:  Gary Thomas set nearly a 30' PR in 12:32:58;  Jason McDaniels set a 9' PR i 11:09:14;  Sara Randolph was 9th in the 40-44 with a 1' PR in 10:47:49; Monte Hitchcock took 2nd in the 65-69 in 12:36:25 - his fastest time on this course since 2014.


April 22nd, 2017: Krystina Stadler was the 3rd overall female on a 90 degree day at the White Lake Spring Half in 5:08:50.


April 22nd, 2017: Shane Slaven set a 4.5' PR 1:28:29 at the Carmel Half Marathon for 29th OA and 5th in the 40-44. 


April 17th, 2017:  Debra Daley finished her first Boston Marathon in 4:00:57.  Not a perfect day, but a great milestone regardless.


April 10th, 2017: Jason Eagleston set a 2.5' PR at the Florida 70.3 in 4:33:25 good for 20th in the 30-34 age group.


April 10th, 2017:  Davon Geiger  had a 2' PR at the Hoosier Half Marathon in 1:20:11 to place 49th overall.   Jason Tucker went 1:29:40 for 6th in the 30-39.


April 9th, 2017:  Tatjana Karr was the 11th OA female at the San Diego MedioFondo in 3:36:55.


April 1st, 2017:  Sara Randolph was 5th in the 40-44 with a 5:25:20 finishing time at the Oceanside 70.3.


April 1st, 2017:  JoAnne Peterman went 2:24:48 at the South Short Half Marathon for 18th in the 50-54.


March 25th, 2017:  Sam Costa Half Marathon Results:  Bentley Walker - 1:23:46 for 2nd in the 35-39;  Jason Tucker - 1:31:24 for 9th in the 30-34;   Joe Hysong - 1:54:28 for 18th in the 55-59


March 25th, 2017:  Cindy Erickson went 2:52:08 for 7th in the 60-64 at the Ann Arbor Half Marathon.


March 25th, 2017:  Ryan Koepke was 6th OA in 35:45 at the Nutri Run 5 miler.


March 5th, 2017:  Debra Daley was 3rd in the 45-49 at the Half Marathon of the Treasure Coast in 1:44:20.


March 3rd, 2017:  Our 3rd annual training camp in Clermont, Florida was the best one yet.  15 participants worked through the now 4 day camp and came away with a good fitness boost to start the 2017 season.


January 15th, 2017:  Debra Daley was 2nd in the 40-49 and 9th OA in 1:47:10 at the Fort Pierce Lions Half Marathon.