Race Results

August 29th, 2016: John Hart was 4th in the 40-44 AG at the Chicago Olympic Triathlon and 24th overall of 1870 finishers in 2:17:30.


August 22nd, 2016: John Bormann was 3rd in the 50-54 AG at the Michigan Titanium Half Iron Triathlon in 5:25:28.   


August 15th, 2016: Top results for us at the Steelhead 70.3:

Monte Hitchcock - 2nd(65-69 AG) in 5:43:30;   Dirk Pauley - 8th(45-49 AG) in 4:42:03(PR bike 2:19:22);  Jason Eagleston - 11th(30-34 AG) in 4:39:39(PR bike 2:21:10);   Ryan O'Shaughnessy - 10th(18-24AG) in 5:00:09;   Jason Tucker - 16th(30-34 AG) in 4:45:04(PR bike 2:23:29);   Shane Slaven - 33rd(40-44 AG) in 4:59:54(PR bike 2:23:03);   John VanAlsburg - 34th(45-49 AG) in 5:06:55;   Jason McDaniels - 40th(40-44 AG) in 5:10:37 (PR bike in 2:23:21);   Josh Rexing - 45th(40-44AG) in 5:13:59


August 15th, 2016 - John Hart doubled at the USAT Age Group National Championships.  Saturday in the Olympic he was 42nd in the 40-44 AG, up 9 places from 2015.   Sunday in the Sprint he was 23rd in the 40-44 AG, 7 up from last year. 


August 9th, 2016 - Mark Strasser set near a 5' PR in 2:20:10 for 3rd in the 50-54 men and 7th OA at the Sylvania Olympic Triathlon.


August 8th, 2016 - Chris Duc was 4th in the 55-59 men in 1:13:52 at the Loggerhead Sprint Triathlon.


August 1st, 2016 - Bentley Walker was 2nd overall with a 1' PR in 1:59:56 at the Tri Indy Olympic Triathlon.


August 1st, 2016 - At Ironman Vineman Erika Wigley set a 7' PR in 13:41:23 for 7th in the 18-24 women, her highest ever Ironman age group placing.  Nate Winslow was 13th in the 50-54 men, his highest age group placing, matching his PR in 11:46:35.  Chris Wigley had 18' PR in 12:19:22 for 25th in the 50-54 men, this was for him as well his highest age group placing.


August 1st, 2016 - Diana Schowe won the overall womens race at the Jorgensen YMCA Super Sprint Triathlon Saturday in 43:09.  Kyle Zelt was the second place mens finisher in the race in 41:17.


July 24th, 2016 - Greg Grosicki was 2nd overall, 29" back of the winning professional at the Defiance Sprint Triathlon.  His time of 56:40 was a 2' 15" improvement over 2014's result here.


July 17th, 2016 - Kevin Davis was 6th overall and went 2:31:48 for an 8' PR at the Treasure Coast Olympic Triathlon in Jensen Beach, Florida.


July 17th, 2016 - Mark Strasser was 5th of 49 finishers in the 50-54 AG at the Door County Half Iron.


July 16th, 2016 - Rachel Wender took 2nd overall female at the KPC Sprint Triathlon in 1:13:25 with the fastest swim and bike splits of the race.


July 16th, 2016 - Matt Sprunger finished the 6 day RainStorm stage ride of near 700 miles with the 160 mile Ride Across Indiana on Saturday.


July 16th, 2016 - Diana Schowe was 125th across the line of 1282 riders at the 160 mile Ride Across Indiana in a chip time of 8.5 hours.  


July 11th, 2016 - At the Vineman 70.3 in California Greg Grosicki was 4th overall amatuer and winner of the 25-29 AG in 4:14:05, this was once again among the best amatuers in the U.S.  Sara Randolph is on her way back to shape with a 3rd in the 40-44 AG in 5:05:34.  Next up for her the 70.3 World Championships and Ironman World Championships.


July 10th, 2016 - We had a large pack in the Muncie 70.3, a few of the top results are as follows.  Jason Eagleston had a 13' PR in 4:35:57 and was 15th in the 30-34 AG.  Jason Tucker had a 4' PR in 4:43:53 and was 19th in the 30-34 AG.  Monte Hitchcock was 1st in the 65-69 age group in 5:45:07.  Shane Slaven matched a best time from 2005 in 4:56:43.  John Hart finished his first 70.3 in 4:51:39 and was 25th in the 40-44 AG.


June 25th, 2016 - At the Warsaw Optimist Sprint Triathlon Dirk Pauley was 7th OA, 1st in the 45-49 AG in 1:05:45, and had the fastest bike.  Rachel Wender was 8th OA female and 1st in the 30-34 AG in 1:18:56.  Ryan O'Shaughnessy was 15th OA and 3rd in the 20-24 AG in 1:09:35.  Jason McDaniels was 16th OA and 1st in the 40-44 AG in 1:09:38.


June 25th, 2016 - Kevin Davis was 10th OA and 3rd in the 30-34 AG in 2:39:50 at the Siesta Key Olympic Triathlon in Sarasota, Florida.


June 25th, 2016 - Chris Duc was 10th in the 55-59 AG in 2:48:52 at the Heartland Olympic Triathlon in Sebring, Florida.


June 19th, 2016 - Diana Schowe was 1st OA female in 1:08:40 at the Fox Island Sprint Triathlon in Fort Wayne, IN.


June 19th, 2016 - John Van Alsburg went 8:55:03 in the single speed category at the LumberJack 100 miler in Wellston, Michigan.  This was 20' better than his 2014 result in the open category.


June 14th, 2016 - At the Grand Rapids Half Ironman Greg Grosicki was 3rd overall, had the fastest bike split, and finished in 4:04:50 for an 11' PR.  Krystina Stadler was the 9th female and 2nd in the 30-34 women in 5:05:27.  Dirk Pauley had a 15" PR was 28th overall, and 4th in the 45-49 men in 4:36:05.  Mark Strasser was 7th in the 50-54 men in 4:59:40.  John Bormann set a 12' PR in 5:14:33.  Rob Seaver was 6th in the 55-59 men in 5:40:04.  Jason McDaniels was 2nd overall in the AquaBike with an 11' PR bike split.


June 14th, 2016 -  At the Grand Rapids Olympic Triathlon Jason Eagleston was 6th overall and 1st in the 30-34 men with a 3' PR in 2:08:48.  Ryan Koepke set a 28' PR in 2:27:50 for 7th in the 30-34 men.


June 7th, 2016 Jason Eagleston was 1st overall and cut nearly 2 minutes off his best finish at the Hawk Island Sprint Triathlon in 55 minutes. This is the 4th overall triathlon win for Ruble Triathlon in 2016.


June 7th, 2016 - Matt Sprunger set a 10' PR at the America's Half Iron triathlon in 5:49:26 for 2nd in the 60-64 men.


May 23rd, 2016 - Dirk Pauley took the overall win in 2:12:09 at the difficult Pokagon Olympic Triathlon.  Jon Lovett set over a 10' best on the course in 2:30:26 and placed 11th overall.  Diana Schowe was the 2nd overall female and 1st masters in 2:37:26.


May 23rd, 2016 - Jason Tucker was 7th overall in 4:55:38 and had PR swim and run splits at the Toughman Indiana Half Iron.


May 23rd, 2016 - The Ironman Texas bike leg was shortened to 95 miles due to flooding.  Racing for us as follows: Kevin Davis had a 20' best run split in 4:25:00 and was on pace for a 31' best bike split.  Rachel Wender had a 13' best run split in 4:53:51 and was also on pace for a 31' best bike split.  Gary Thomas had an 8' best run split of 4:42:00 and was on pace for a 20' best bike split.


May 16th, 2016 -  Greg Grosicki won overall at the Thunder in the Valley triathlon with a 4' PR for the Olympic distance in 1:57:01.


May 16th, 2016 - Ryan Koepke set a 13' PR at the Muncie May Sprint triathlon in 1:07:41 to place 7th overall and 1st in the 30-34 age group.


May 9th, 2016 - Matt Sprunger went 1:52:35 at the Indy Mini Marathon Saturday.  This was 5' faster than his time here in 2015 and 19' faster than in 2014.


May 1st, 2016 - Joe Hysong nearly a 2 minute PR in 21:58 at the Healthy Kids Day 5k today.


April 26, 2016 - At the Glass City races last weekend Ryan Koepke went 1:42:34 in the Half Marathon for a 15' PR that was last set in November 2015.  Mark Strasser went 3:33:30 in the Marathon for a 10' PR and 15th in the 50-54 men.


April 26, 2016Jon Lovett was 5th overall and set a 3' PR in 1:22:16 at the Dooby Duathlon.


April 26, 2016 - At the Carmel Sprint Triathlon Jason Tucker was 7th OA and won the 30-34 AG.  Ryan O'Shaughnessy was 2nd 18-24 AG.  Both guys set their PR's for the course.


April 26, 2016 - Erika Wigley was 1st overall at the DTR Trail 5k run with a 90" PR of 25:49


April 11, 2016 - Chris Duc went 5:27:32 for 18th in the 55-59 age group at the Florida 70.3.  He cut his run best 70.3 split down 10' to 1:58:45.


April 4, 2016 -  Jon Lovett went 1:35:30 within 30" of a PR at the Ann Arbor Half Marathon for 2nd in the 40-44 age group and 54th overall of 1200+ finishers.  Jason Tucker was 2nd in the 30-34 age group and 5th overall at the Nutri Run 20k in 1:23:16 close to PR half marathon pace.


March 20, 2016 - At the Frank Cook Memorial Sprint Triathlon Chris Duc was 1st in the 55-59 age group and 91st overall of 710 finishers in 28:44.


March 20, 2016 - At the San Juan 70.3 Caesar De Jesus set a 20' PR at the 70.3 distance going 6:38:09.


March 19, 2016 - At the Sam Costa Half Marathon Gary Thomas went 1:43:51. This was 8.5' faster than his 2015 time and 18.5' faster than his 2014 time at this race. Monte Hitchcock went 1:42:45. This was 90" faster than his 2015 time at this race and good for 3rd in the 65-69 age group.


March 7, 2016 - Sara Randolph took the overall female win at the Bayshore 70.4 and set another PR for the distance in 4 hours 55 minutes!


February 23, 2016 - Our annual Clermont, Florida Training Camp takes place March 4-6th.  A great way to kick off what should be our best year yet!


February 13, 2016 - Diana Schowe took the overall female masters title at the Cupids Chocolate Chase 5k in 22:50.


November 17, 2015 - Our top Ironman results in 2015: 3 Kona qualifiers. 9 personal best finish times. 9 top ten age group finishes. 4 first time finishers


November 17, 2015 - Our top 70.3 results in 2015: 14 personal best finish times. 14 top ten age group finishes. 3 first time finishers.


December 23, 2014 - Our top road racing results for 2014: 5 RT coached triathletes set personal best marathon times, 7 set personal best half marathons, and a personal best 50K.


December 23, 2014 - Our top Ironman results in 2014: 5 first time finishes, 7 personal best times (not including the first time finishes), 2 additional highest ever age group placing’s (done at IM Lake Placid), 2 Kona Qualifiers, and 10 top ten age group finishes.